Full Time Employment Opportunity Finance Manager/District Secretary
By Administration R Ehlers
May 4, 2022

Working under the direction of the Fire Chief, the Finance Manager/District Secretary directly interfaces with the Board of Fire Commissioners, being their confidential secretary, attending all public Board Meetings, recording the Minutes for each, and assisting the Board in the performance of their roles. The Finance Manager/District Secretary is a key role within the District’s Administrative staff and requires working with and directing others to
fulfill and address District administrative and business services internally and externally to the organization. This position is foundationally involved in all administrative, business, and financial matters. The District Secretary shall work as the liaison with King County who is directly engaged in the administration of Vashon Fire’s financials. The position is also required to work with and direct SpringbrookExpress a third-party vendor and accounting support firm. In addition, the District Secretary works within a unionized workforce, assisting the Fire Chief with development of labor contract proposals and bargaining strategies, serving as a member of the negotiating team, and administering collective bargaining agreements.

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