2021 Annual Community Report
By Administration R Ehlers
June 30, 2021

Before I proudly voice our District’s efforts to take on the pandemic, let me thank and compliment the community. In support of all the asks, rules, or regulations imposed on our society, the Island worked tirelessly to address the virus head on; for it we were very successful at maintaining the lowest COVID-19 positive count in the whole of the County. Residents stayed at home, some are still isolated, businesses closed, some struggling now for the losses, all of us impacted by some precautions. Tremendous sacrifices were a norm. In place of gatherings and personal engagement we learned to telecommute and meet virtually. Achievements and special events were addressed in new unfamiliar ways; too often alone, the importance of the simplest of human contacts deeply felt. We look forward to these times being past us. Thank you all for all you took on, from the unassuming nature of just staying home or wearing a mask to stepping into the breach to help test and vaccinate your neighbors.

Thank you.

And the District? As life slowed so did our call volume. We experienced what the community did, but through other filters. We could not stay home so daily wellness checks and the isolation of the firehouse became and still are the norm. We never stopped operations, we focused on the greater need to be ready for the pandemic, we stayed in service, increasing safety protocols to both protect ourselves
and you. As we struggled with all of the pandemic’s impacts on the fire service, replaced our daily rituals with new requirements and protective equipment, and the negative impacts of isolation, fear, and worry, Vashon Fire never hesitated, never failed to
answer any call for help.

Over a year into the pandemic, it is easy to forget all the trouble and efforts taken on to serve in as safe and efficient a manner as possible. We learned much and perhaps not always quickly, easily, or with everyone’s agreement, but it was always with the community’s wellbeing and safety as the priority. Vashon Fire’s Mission Statement is “Vashon Island Fire and Rescue is dedicated to the protection of life, property, and our environment” and I am honored to inform you that we never allowed the pandemic to cause us to falter from our mission or the protection of our community.

Thank you for engaging, for thinking, and for joining us in the greater good of protecting our Island.
Charles H. Krimmert, Fire Chief

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