‘Pencils Down’ Draft 2021 Budget
By Administration R Ehlers
November 17, 2020

In support of next week’s and last month’s public hearings on the Fire District’s 2021 Budget please accept the current ‘pencils down’ draft for your review and consideration. With the County recent/further devaluing of the overall Assessed Value (AV) of the Island even at our maximum tax rate ($1.50/$1,000 AV) the Fire District will see a reduction in property tax income for 2021. For this the Administration is recommending the Board approve the 2021 Budget based on a tax rate of $1.50/$1,000 AV which results in a 2.053 cent increase over the 2020’s tax rate of $1.47947. The attached 2021 Budget is still under review and modification. The 2020 Budget numbers represent the District spent to date (STD) through October 31st, 2020. Do not hesitate to attend the Board Meeting of November 25th, 2020 if you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts and/or concerns with the Board of Fire Commissioners

Attachment 2020 YTD Budget as of 31 Oct 20 with Draft 2021 Budget of 17 Nov 20.pdf  (828k)