2018 Annual Report Coming to a Mailbox Near You!
By Administration Raechel Ehlers
June 19, 2019

Fellow Residents:
2018 was very much a year of highs and lows. The arrival of an ambulance, the loss of an engine; the renovation of a building, the failure of a roof and multiple components of a heating and cooling system; a new car fire prop & planning efforts to replace the search & rescue prop; a critical need to replace aging, worn and failing portable radios. As we have noted in the last couple of reports, we are very much in a rebuilding/reorganizing mode. We vested more time & resources into training, equipment and personnel in 2018; these costs were both planned for, and as noted previously, unanticipated. Some were essential for today’s operational readiness and others were for the ‘long haul’ preparing us for today and tomorrow. Our efforts to reorganize are to establish and implement better service to the community and we continue to believe we are doing this. Efforts to be more actively engaged in the community continue at all levels; providing better service and care one patient at a time, engaging with community groups and organizations to better represent the District and better understand the Island’s needs, and representing and fighting for the Island at the state level; working to secure the Island better ferry service. We equally hope you better understand Vashon Fire and feel welcome to visit and engage with us that you fully understand the length and breadth of emergency services on the Island today.

Charles H. Krimmert, Fire Chief

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