The Start of Brush Fire Season, Warning Level Medium.
By Administration Raechel Ehlers
May 31, 2018

At 2:12 am on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 crews were dispatched to Point Robinson for a brush fire. When the crew responding from Station 55 arrived, they discovered that approximately 300 feet of shoreline were ablaze. The captain on duty called for mutual aid from Tacoma Fire who were able to send their fire boat to assist in completely knocking down the fire.

Fortunately, no structures or people were harmed in this blaze, but it could have been worse. The April showers are still looming in the mind of Islanders, however, a few dry days this time of year are all it takes to make conditions ripe for wildfire. Another two wildfires happened in the 48 hours following the Point Robinson incident. Volunteer Assistant Chief Brett Kranjcevich, our expert resident wild-firefighter, says leaving your campfire to burn out, or not ensuring the fire is completely out, is the fastest way to catch the island on fire. Having seen some of the damage done last year in California, he has seen first-hand how quickly fire in the right condition can spread. Leaving your fire on the beach unsupervised for the ocean to take care of is irresponsible, as is leaving your fitpit to burn out. Vashon Parks district has a no open flame policy.

VIFR had made it exceedingly simple to obtain a burn permit because we want everyone to have access to the rules of safe burning. As we head into summer, take a moment to get your permit and read the rules. Know how to safely extinguish a campfire; use water, then dirt, mix with a shovel and repeat until remains are cold. We all play a part in the safety of the island; knowing what the rules are is the place to start.

If you would like to do more for your community, consider becoming a Volunteer Firefighter. Applications for the Summer Fire Academy are now being accepted.

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