Emergency Preparedness & Response: 24 Hours Packed with Skills … OR … A 44-hour Course to Prepare You to Serve on the Response Team
By Administration Raechel Ehlers
March 13, 2018

Vashon Island CERT: Training to start the end of March
Sponsored by Vashon Island Fire & Rescue….CERT is both a basic course and an active local team of citizens prepared to support the Fire Dept or Sheriff
A partner with VashonBePrepared, the local network of citizen groups and government agencies dedicated to leading our island in preparedness and response
Participation in CERT is highly rewarding. If community support when problems arise is important to you, CERT will likely be an extraordinarily positive experience. CERT originated in Los Angeles in 1994 to support the city fire department and has been enhanced and extended to hundreds of communities by FEMA to train citizens to safely volunteer in various emergencies.

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