2016 Annual Report Issued
By Administration Raechel Ehlers
December 28, 2017

December, 2017

A note from Chief Krimmert:

As I fast approach my eighteenth anniversary as a Vashon firefighter, my eleventh as an EMT and my first as your fire chief I am happy to present to you my first Annual Community Report. Inside you will find information to re-introduce you to your fire district. For all of the new Administration’s efforts to grow and further improve your fire service, we are already working on the 2017 summary so it can be issued in a more timely fashion for the remainder of my tenure. I hope the following information strengthens your understanding of Vashon Fire and stirs your interest in continuing to support us—and perhaps even join our ranks.

Before going further, however, I offer you all my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for approving the recent levy proposal. We acknowledge your faith and trust in, and of us, and will work to uphold it and improve. It has been an interesting year. In the course of this last 18 months, Vashon Island Fire and Rescue has gone
through many changes. Some have been subtle and ‘quiet’ such as the purchase of the newest AEDs to better save lives. Some have been very public and ‘grand’ such as the recent levy. For all of it there has been a growing understanding and need; the District must:

• Better keep the island community informed of their fire district,
• Become more involved in the daily affairs of the island, and,
• Remain sharply aware that the community’s problems are the District’s problems and the District’s problems are the community’s problems—we are one and the same.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and the next opportunity to talk to you.

Charles H. Krimmert, Fire Chief

Hyperlinks: VIFR Community Report (web resolution, 14 MB)
VIFR Community Report (full resolution, 67MB)

Candy McCullough December 29, 2017 at 7:43 AM
Bravo! Nicely done. Thanks to all who put this thorough report together and all VIF&R members who give so much to serving our community. Thank you to our community who support VIF&R and those who voted to pass the recent tax rate levy increase. I am proud of VIF&R and our community. May 2018 be a happy and healthy New Year for all of you and your families too. Thank you!