The Passing of Benjamin Sarb
By Susan Wolf
November 14, 2017

Benjamin Sarb was a young man who applied to VIFR as a Volunteer EMT in late 2015. A college graduate and a video game data analyst, he felt a calling to provide emergency medical response after getting his Wilderness First Responder certification in 2014. Having left the gaming field, he became an EMT and was working for a private ambulance company (AMR) when he applied at VIFR. His great desire was to become a firefighter. Friendly, likeable and always smiling, Ben had only been with us six months when he underwent surgery, which resulted in a shocking diagnosis of terminal cancer. Whenever he felt up to it, he worked a shift or taught a CPR class. His death on October 10, 2017 saddened the entire District. He left a young wife, Dani – but a whole family of firefighting buddies. We pass on his family’s wish that instead of flowers, change the batteries in your smoke detectors or replace with new detectors.

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